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Recurring Event Event Series: Project Results with Resources
Recurring Event Event Series: Project Results with Resources

Measuring Your Project Outcomes

June 25 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Project management Businesman with Jetpack

How to derive and advise top stakeholders the true dollar benefits your projects deliver, even if you’re running internal projects or ones with no apparent financial benefits


As project managers we need to continuously engage the support of senior directors and clients. And they are transfixed by the business outcomes and dollar value of what we’re delivering. This course shows you how this is measured, and how you can do it. 

Why this is Different

Few courses exist that give you the skills to measure value and Return On Investment (ROI) of projects, and none make it this easy. With our simple to understand methods, you don’t need a financial background to accurately derive the ROI of your project outcomes and report your results credibly. Plus, this one-day course is exercise-driven, so you can directly experience the skills you’ll need.

With this training, you’ll raise your standing among senior executives, clients and board members through being able to confidently derive, express and justify the true dollar value of the projects, programmes and initiatives you run. 

What You Will Become

When you’re done with this course, you will understand some of the acknowledged methods whereby the benefits of project outcomes and deliverables are measured in quantitative terms. You’ll be ready to become an important part of the project selection process as well as a more proficient project manager, able to focus on direct benefits of your projects to your organisation. 

Here’s what we’ll cover on this one day classroom course.

Course Agenda

1 Methods and Methodologies for Value
Why we MUST forecast and measure project outcomes, project selection criteria,
supporting strategic decisions. Contemporary methods and methodologies for deriving
project benefits and values, formulae for NPV, BCR and ROI.
Exercise 1 - Choosing What and Choosing Why
2 Planning Your Approach
Which projects to study, choosing the appropriate methodology, laying out our planning
steps, identifying stakeholders, arranging resources. Predictive, post-implementation and post-maturity measurements.
Exercise 2 - Planning the Process
3 Prospecting for DataKinds of data, levels of data, data sources, what to measure, surveys and questionnaires, Likert and Guttman, how to get the data you need, obtaining further information, case
studies. Survey fatigue and maximising responses.
Exercise 3 - Obtaining the Right Data
4 Isolating What we Need
Unrelated factors that affect results, corelation and causation, using control groups, analysing trend lines, estimation techniques, data conversion, credible sources.
Exercise 4 - Plucking the Data from the Noise
5 Getting to the Bottom Line
Unit of measure conversion, performance change calculation, dollar derivation obtaining project costs, calculation of BCR and ROI, other significant observations.
Exercise 5 - Deriving the Data and the Dollars
6 Selling the Results we Get
Producing readable reports, executives summaries and appendices, presenting the results to senior stakeholders, concluding with calls to action.
Exercise 6 - Presenting your Business Case

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June 25
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
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