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In-House Training Trounces Online

With corporate training, nothing beats a real expert standing in front of a group. That’s our conclusion after nearly two years of staring into a camera lens with a row of people in little boxes on a screen.

With corporate – especially in-house – training we build your staff to interact with each-other, figure out how to communicate, coordinate, work together and to give each other energy.

“It’s amazing to see how executives build bridges together that persist for years after the training has long been completed.” says Colin Millward, our chief trainer. “Plus, jokes and humour are much more off-the cuff and motivational, leading to great, superb team performance.”

Indeed we’ve worked with one company that purposefully flies in their new hires every year to our course, just so that when they return to their home bases they’ve built those bridges. They’re no longer afraid to pick up the phone, email and reach out for help with their new-found colleagues and friends.

So for this year 2023, Colin is back on the plane, on the train and in the taxi with his laptop and wheelie luggage, and looking forward to helping you increase your staff performance through direct, person-to-person training.

Book us now on the “Contact Us” page. Or see what’s coming up on our training calendar.

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