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A FREE series of three focused, bite-size online modules that address key challenges faced by any manager in today’s corporate environment. You’ll get quick answers to problems plaguing you like:How to fix a project in crisis. How to ensure everybody helps, and How to handle resource allocation. Sign up for the FREE series and enjoy these morsels with big flavour.

Video 1: One Day at a Time – fixing a crisis project.
Are you trapped running a project which is cruising past the deadline with no end in sight? Are you going way over budget? Is it all going to end in tears?

Video 2: That’s Not My Job – heard that one before?
Sometimes they don’t know they’re assigned, sometimes they’re assuming someone else is doing it and sometimes they’re just digging their heels in. But how can we help people to do what they’re supposed to do?

Video 3: The Star – when key resources hold everythin gup.
Ever been in a situation when many projects need the same key person? People like to make themselves invaluable of course, but – attitude aside – sometimes a unique “star” resource can unwittingly slow everything down.

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