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Survey Basics Course – A First Success!

The Survey Basics Course was successfully held today at Business Evaluation Centre’s offices in Tower 2 of Marina Bay Financial Centre. Among the course participants were familiar faces from the ROI Masterclass in 2016 and ROI Certification Class in 2015. Great teamwork and camaraderie filled the room as the participants worked through group discussions and exercises. It was an insightful day for the participants as they become experts in surveys at the end of the course.

The Survey Basics Course is delivered by Mr Colin Millward, Founder of Business Evaluation Centre who regularly conducts management training and heads consulting at senior level for global organisations. Course participants gain knowledge on how surveys and questionnaires are often the best method for capturing valid information about their projects, programmes and initiatives.

To find out when the next session of Survey Basics Course will be held, or provide an in-house session for your employees, drop us a message here.


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